Sea Level Rise Project: SURGE

Costume designer for a collaboration between Boston Dance Theater and Dr. Lawrence J. Pratt, with choreography by Jessie Jeanne Stinnett featuring dancer-collaborators Henoch Spinola, Tahimy Miranda, Olivia Coombs, Isvel Bello and Gabriela Amy-Moreno.

July 2020
Courtesy of Boston Dance Theater
Photography/Videography: Ernie Galan (Final Photo taken by Dr. Larry J. Pratt)
Choreography: Jessie Jeanne Stinnett and Dancers
Scientific Input: Dr. Larry J. Pratt
Costume Design: Zane Kealey
Dancers: Gabriela M. Amy-Moreno, Isvel Bello, Olivia Coombs, Tahimy Miranda, Henoch Spinola

Location: Jeremy Point, Wellfleet, MA